Conditio exhibition in Forum Box gallery, until 25th of February

Hi. My Conditio exhibition is open for public in Forum Box gallery, Helsinki until 25th of February. Jukka Hautamäki - Conditio, 2018                  

The Gallery Forum Box presents Jukka Hautamäki’s installations in its “Permanto” space. Hautamäki explores the act of perceiving, in which a material transforms into another via use of sculptural elements and moving images. In the artworks, mundane materials find new meanings and forms. The installations reflect on the construction and repetition of images.

How are the images constructed? The artworks offer two different viewpoints; the physical, visible world and the reality observable via digital device. What is the relationship between physical material and material appearance of technology and media?

The artworks are seen in the space through multifaceted presentation platforms. This is done by proportioning the meaning of lifeless and inconsequential materials for the viewer via use of media technology, while the nature of the artwork changes in relation to time and context. The images exist as repetitive elements, and what is being framed out is also visible.

Hautamäki calls his installations live-situations. The situations seen and experienced in the exhibition are transient by nature. Their temporary documentation enables archiving, but an identical repetition of the situation is almost impossible. Therefore, these spatial installations are always unique experiences.

The material choices and names of the artworks offer references and hints as a framework for interpretation. The artworks of the exhibition are united by repeated media elements, and, as a whole, a rhythmic visual weave is being formed, in which one can see juxtapositions with image streams surrounding us in our everyday lives.

Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971 in Oulu) is a Helsinki-based media artist who works with sound, light, moving image and electronics. In his artworks, he studies new levels and interpretations of materiality, mediated by technology and media. Hautamäki’s latest private exhibitions have been presented at the Gallery Sculptor in 2016, Gallery Titanik in 2015, the Skaftfell Center for Arts Project Space in Iceland in 2014 and the Gallery Huuto in 2014.

Hautamäki’s installations have been presented in group exhibitions, such as the Open Fields RIXC festival in Riga and Gallery Augusta in Helsinki in 2016, the Horseandpony Fine Arts gallery in Berlin in 2014 and the Borey gallery in St. Petersburg in 2012. He has held numerous sound art live performances and workshops in Europe and in North America. For more information, please visit

The exhibition has been supported by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and VISEK.