Fatum serie available @ vimeo.com


Fatum was exhibited January 2022 @ Gallery Fikka, Porvoo.

Fatum (Lat.): “In the eyes of the ancients, your fate was out of your hands – what happened was up to gods and demigods.”

Fatum is a series of works that explore the continuation of video footage using artificial intelligence. The project began in May 2020; “I was inspired by media artist Mario Klingemann’s pix2pix videos of fireworks that I saw on Twitter. There was clearly unexplored potential in the algorithm. The idea of the pix2pix algorithm is to try to predict how video footage will continue based on provided training material.”

Fatum has a multifaceted relationship with time; such as the evolution and iteration of images. It is play between frames and image sequences. Fatum’s video clips are fragments: flashes of the microcosm and material essence of trained neural network models, making hidden digital data visible.

In Fatum, Hautamäki has conducted research with artificial intelligence using various types of source material: photographs, short video clips, kinetic sculptures, watercolour paintings, 3D animation. One approach has been the examination of glitches and the imperfection of the AI algorithm. The further development of the algorithm – based on the artist’s ideas – has been provided by Hannu Töyrylä. The project’s works have been previously screened in the Animatricks festival in summer 2021.