AI workshop

Prompt crafting

Stable Diffusion 1.5

SD 1.5 Alternative:

Stable Diffusion 2.1 (sometimes slow/busy)


Stable Horde

check also Interrogation option for image captions.


Camenduru webui: , this works better as local installation, then it is possible to use multiple fine-tuned image models.

Testing various fine tuned SD-models.

test image models with prompt and/or img2img technique.

Image Mixer


Aaron Hertzmann – When Machines Change Art
Lev Manovich & Emanuele Arielli – Artificial Aesthetics chapter 5 (PDF -> “Media Translations”)
Vinoy Laughner – Computer Art: Is It Really Art?

Additional links: (Camenduru webui explained and installation instructions, notice min. 4GB GPU required)
pix2pixHD next-frame-prediction
Tango text-to-audio demo
TempoFunk/makeavid-sd-jax (txt-2-vid)