Carmina Latiaeaeti, 2016

Quote from Elizabeth McTernan’s text:

Upon encounter with the work Carmina Laetitiae, the patterns of light thrown up on the walls are less like the organic flickering of flames and more like a programmed language. Light and dark oscillate as if in a hieroglyphic binary code; it is a kind of proto-cinematic post-technological shadow-play. A sequencer manipulates the lights, conducting a musical piece without sound via the rhythm of moving image. The immersive environment connects the viewer inextricably to the shadows splashed on the surfaces of the room, in a shared agency. It recalls one particular Youtube video, a compilation of clips taken by parents as their small children discover their own shadows for the first time. Veering between horror and excitement, one child tries to run away from the dark figure clinging to his feet, while another tries to catch it. There is no outside, no eluding the contingencies of this world. There is also no escaping the spectre of the self.

12 led lamps, electronics, 2016.

Credit: Eetu Huhtala, electronics design.

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