Otsos, 2023

Otsos is a technical-aesthetic exploration of the themes related to animism, mythology and symbolism.

The bear, serves as a powerful symbol of the mystical, the animistic and as a site of spiritual significance in the natural world. In the artwork, the bear is not the actual essence of animism or nature, it’s AI-generated technical representation of it. The use of mathematical and occultistic patterns in AI-generated artwork can be seen as a way to express complex ideas and concepts that are partially beyond human comprehension.

Otsos invites the viewer to engage with the artwork and to ponder over the complex relationships between forms, symbols, and meanings, and how these elements can be used to create a thought-provoking and evocative piece of art that brings out the world of enigma, alchemy, animism, spiritism and tarot cards. Repeating geometric and abstract shapes can be seen as a representation of the cyclical and interconnected nature of life.

Edition 1/1. Resolution 4096px. Otsos @ OpenSea.