Jukka Hautamäki is a Helsinki-based media artist who works with AI, sound, light and moving image. He studies, through time-spatial installations, relations between human, technology, society and evolution. He is interested in media technology’s potentiality in contemporary arts and it’s relation to visual arts traditions.

Media artist Jukka Hautamäki is dealing with thematics related to the future of visual arts: what kind of art there will be in year 2050? Who is making it, to whom and how it will be presented? Currently he is working with the support of a 2-year grant from the Kone Foundation, focusing on artistic research in AI and visual arts.

Hautamäki’s works have been shown in solo and group shows in Finland and abroad. His past works have been presented at Gallery Forum Box, Gallery Sculptor, Huuto, MUU, X-lab (Kuva/Tila) galleries in Helsinki; Peri Center of Photography in Turku; Gallery Titanik in Turku; Kunsthalle Helsinki; Gallery Rankka; WAM Museum in Turku; RIXC Festival in Riga; Polymer in Tallinn; HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts in Berlin; Skaftfell Center for Visual Art Project Space in Seydisfjordur, Iceland; Avatar Centre in Quebec City, Canada.

Hautamäkis sound performances are microscopic studies into electronic sound. Live setup consists of DIY sound devices, which he manipulates in real time by changing components and reconnecting circuits. Recent setup has included under-hood work lights, solar cells, electronicmagnetic sources, coil mics and diy amps. Relationship between performativity and sound plays a significant role in the live performances. Music style could be described as abstract ambient noise with a twist.

Hautamäki has performed live in Europe and North America. Performance venues include FLOW Festival, La-bas Biennale, Lal lal lal and AAVE festival in Helsinki, Ostre Club / Piksel Festival in Bergen, Ges21 in St. Petersburg, Mengi in Reykjavik, Avatar Centre in Quebec City, Electric Knife in London, Madame Claude in Berlin, Harvestworks, Fridman Gallery and Trans Pecos in New York. Hautamäki has also kept interactive sound art and electronics workshops and courses in Finland (Aalto University, KIASMA, MUU, Mansedanse…), Netherlands, UK, Germany, Poland and Estonia.