Recursus In the Conditio-installation, the camera – viewing a miniatyre landscape – makes transitions between manually selected focus points, and from these transitions consists a real-time “video”, view example .

In the new Recursus-version I’m using machine vision and artificial intelligence to create a feedback loop where two AI-systems are in dialogue for an endless creative process.

Recursus consists of kinetic sculpture, webcam (taking images), gesture recognition AI, display showing representation of the sculpture, image analyzer based on sculptures “gestures”, haptic feedback (via image analyses) to kinetic sculpture. During the process kinetic sculpture is learning it’s existence thru machine learning process.

Recursus is latin and refers to terms returned and recursion. Technically with machine vision and gesture recognition I use ConvnetOSC, Wekinator and OpenCV libraries.


After GAN image production tecnique made mainstream artistic breakthru due Christie’s auction, there has been several articles questioning AI’s relation to creative process. Could Artificial Intelligence replace artist’s own aesthetics selections? Are we seeing the future where AI is merged seamlessly into artworks and we don’t even pay attention to it or talk about AI art?

Thematically my idea is related to questions about the future of human civilisation and post-humanism.